In a federated world of dwindling commodities, a solitary man shares his humorous story as a queer boy who grew up to become one of the few remaining long-term survivors of two incurable global viral outbreaks. With his identity being altered from the side-effects of life-sustaining anti-viral medications, he discovers a world of beauty and mystery, and a unique new talent for manipulating time. Not sure why he is able to perceive an array of different realities in medicated dreams and blackouts, his strange experiences spur him to embark on a mission to find out how far he can push his otherworldly new abilities and his desires for change - to learn the truth about himself and his dreams before it's too late.

This book was originally released as Viral Medicines in the fall of 2020 and was unfortunately suppressed by most retail sites due to the title I chose and the circumstances surrounding COVID 19 at the time. Thus, the redirect to the original site. I authored this book while being sick with COVID on top of the other viruses I live with daily, thus the idea around viral medications. 

If you would like to know more, please read my HELP pages. 

When I finished the original manuscript, it occurred to me that with some additional info about space travel this book could be a sci-fi story about an omnipotent being who was sent to earth to be punished as a hated minority, forced to relive his life as a nobody, until he gained some semblance of humility. Well - nobody read this book either, and the publisher still won’t release the paperback versions of either – the irony. 

Putting so much of your life on paper for others to see, and have it ignored, is a bit like dropping the manuscript into a deep, deep well. A vision which came to me in a dream I had the other night. 

If you are someone who actually read all or part of either books, I would love to hear from you, good or bad. Constructive criticism welcome. Maybe I can rewrite this one into something people might like with lots of sex and support for Trump.