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by John Cayden

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John’s career as a public environmental science educator, anthropologist, archivist, exhibition designer and writer spanned over thirty years. When not complaining about his back, he volunteers to model orthopedic footwear in his spare time. John lives in the twenty-first century on the third planet from the sun, alone and in squalor, in an over-priced rental, with a broken bathroom mirror. He’s dreaming of having a home of his own with furniture where he can write, and eventually get a kayak and a maybe a sexy rugged ENFP partner. He also dreams of being able to go to the beach, without having to fend off roving bands of wooks that steal hats. 

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AVAILABLE November 2020

In this humorous and futuristic time-twisted memoir, a man navigates through a changed world, sharing his life story as one of the few long-term survivors infected by two incurable, viral pandemics. His on-going journey is revealed through an array of dream travels and an expanded consciousness, made possible by his combination of anti-viral medications. Not sure why he is experiencing a vast array of different realities and a strange new mental power, he's on a mission to find out far he can push his desires before he dies, while being forced to revisit his painful past.

Viral Medicines is now available at these fine retailers.

Paperback, hardback and audio book available soon. Check back for updates.


“unique ...timely, smart and beautifully written...a talented writer.”  

“Cayden does an incredible job of showing the scenes.

He builds them with gorgeous prose, mixed with reflections from his

understanding or quest to understand the life he’s lived.” 

“...amazing and poignant reflections about life and suffering. 

To know what he endured as a child shows great strength 

and resiliency. It’s heartbreaking that so many people have to 

have such a thick layer of resiliency to survive.”

                        - Stacey Parshall, Editor

“This is a very original manuscript and ...well done. The multiple 

perspectives and the way the story is told with dreams and

flashbacks makes it read cinematically.”



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